Wednesday, February 15, 2012


My first post on this blog will talk about a reason to home school. I will put these up from time to time to give parents and young people some encouragement. My wife and I home schooled our four kids, but we started the two older kids out in the public school before we saw the light.

Reason Number One to Home School:

Lunch time:
A home schooler gets to eat at home. Some kids get a rush out of eating a sack lunch. I can still recall my favorite sandwiches-- meat loaf, and cheese, pickles, and mustard. I used to eat those sandwiches first, and if I had room, I ate the fruit and finger food.

But, a home schooler who learns to be diplomatic can get the meat loaf sandwich at home. Some hints and some hustle to get up and going on time will get you about anything from a busy Mom.

Now, the other issue is that public schools feed the kids garbage. All they take care about is the food pyramid, which is a crock. No salt in the food if possible, which deprives the students of electrolytes needed for normal brain function. Lots of high fructose corn syrup so they will develop diabetes before they are twenty. Plenty of MSG which turns on some area of the brain like crack. If that area of the brain happens to be the pre-frontal lobes, pow, the kid is climbing the walls by 2 o'clock.

But, the most treacherous issue of lunch time at the public school is the way Big Nanny, local and all the way to Washington DC, nags the kids and parents trying to convert them to the insane propaganda line of the government regarding food.

We now see the most wicked advance in this Big Nanny program-- food police: